High-Level Seminar: How Can the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Regional Cooperation Drive Cambodia’s Structural Transformation?

02 November 2018
Phnom Penh

ADB organized a high-level seminar on opportunities presented by Cambodia’s membership in ASEAN and the technologies embedded in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (industry 4.0) to drive Cambodia’s structural transformation and diversification for long-term growth. 

The high-level panel sought inputs from senior policy makers, private sector representatives and ADB on industrial policy, human resource development, infrastructure provision and trade facilitation to enable Cambodia to maximize the benefits from ASEAN integration. It also explored the opportunities and challenges posed by Industry 4.0 technologies for countries such as Cambodia. It ended with recommendations that inform the preparation of ADB’s new Country Partnership Strategy, 2019-2023.

The seminar featured two ADB studies. The first study, Building Complementarity and Resilience in ASEAN amid Global Trade Uncertainty, examines how ASEAN economies (including Cambodia) can benefit from deepening intraregional trade, in particular by upgrading competitiveness and innovative capacity and diversifying their economic and trade structure. The second study, ASEAN 4.0: What Does the Fourth Industrial Revolution Mean for Regional Economic Integration?, focuses on industry 4.0 as one particular driving force of economic diversification and value-chain development in ASEAN, including Cambodia.

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
02 Nov 2018 Welcome Remarks Welcome Remarks - High-Level Seminar: How Can the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Regional Cooperation Drive Cambodia’s Structural Transformation?
Technologies embedded in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and uncertainties in the international trade environment could drive structural transformation...
Ramesh Subramaniam
02 Nov 2018 Presentation Building Resilience Amid Global Uncertainty
ASEAN economies have undergone structural transformation that strengthened both their economic resilience and trade performance. Learn how ASEAN...
Thiam Hee Ng
02 Nov 2018 Presentation The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Opportunities and Challenges
The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is here. Learn how it is transforming social, economic, and political systems in often unpredictable ...
Jayant Menon


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