Green Ports, Shipping, and Maritime Decarbonization


Green Ports, Shipping, and Maritime Decarbonization

28 January 2022 to 07 April 2022

70% of global trade by volume (80% by value) is carried by maritime shipping, and 60% of these goods are loaded or unloaded in developing country ports. Maritime transport accounts for 3% of global GHG emissions - equivalent to the 6th largest GHG emitting country globally – and rising rapidly. Simultaneously, seaports are highly exposed to climate change impacts including sea-level rise and increased intensity of storms.

In 2018, the IMO adopted its Initial Strategy on the reduction of GHG emissions from ships, aimed at reducing sector-wide emissions by at least 50% (vs 2008) by 2050 and achieving zero GHG emissions as soon as possible this century. Investment in green and decarbonization technologies represents an upfront expense and a new type of investment that may not be readily supported by traditional maritime financing instruments. Financial support is needed to accelerate pathways for zero-carbon bunker fuels to enable the industry to make confident long-term investments and to enable DMCs to adapt port infrastructure to climate change.



This series of knowledge events will engage stakeholders in an escalating, cohesive dialogue to develop a regional path forward for ADB’s member countries to decarbonize and green their maritime sectors.

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
28 Jan 2022 28 January 2022 Healthy Oceans Tech and Finance Forum: Innovative Solutions for Asia and the Pacific: Spotlight Session on Green Ports and Shipping
Innovative solutions for Asia and the Pacific on Green Ports, Shipping, and Maritime Decarbonization. Objectives: Understand the imperative and...
28 Jan 2022 24 February 2022 RCI Innovations Seminar Series: Green Ports, Shipping, and Maritime Decarbonization
ADB recently commissioned a technical study on existing environmental standards and their implementation at selected regional seaports in Southeast Asia...
28 Jan 2022 5-7 April 2022 Asia and the Pacific Transport Forum 2022
Session “Transport Decarbonization Pathways”
5 April, 4:00 – 5:30 PM (GMT +8)
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