Education Framework Workshop and Retreat


Education Framework Workshop and Retreat

14 January 2019 to 15 January 2019

In the new ADB Strategy 2030 (S2030), improving education and training is under the operational priority on addressing remaining poverty and reducing inequalities. To align with S2030, ADB's Education Sector Group (EdSG) brainstormed on an Education Framework that will guide ADB operations in the sector. This sector-specific framework being prepared will consider the following priority areas: learning outcomes, education to enhance employability and job readiness of graduates, lifelong learning and training opportunities, use of ICT solutions to provide quality education and training, foundational skills, including digital literacy and soft skills, and technical and vocational education and training (TVET).

This education framework will replace Education by 2020: A Sector Operations Plan and will communicate ADB’s support for the sector while guiding the design of education projects in the context of S2030.  

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
14 Jan 2019 Welcome Remarks Sungsup Ra
14 Jan 2019 Presentation ADB's Work in Education and Implications for Going Forward
Skills mismatch remains one of the biggest challenges, but there have been gains in terms of providing access to education in the region. This...
Brajesh Panth
14 Jan 2019 Presentation Preliminary Ideas for K-12 Educational Improvement in Asia and the Pacific Region
Early childhood education is about a third of World Bank projects in East Asia and the Pacific. This reason behind is because early intervention...
Scott Paris
14 Jan 2019 Presentation Developing a Skills Policy for the 21st Century
Every job requires a level of skills mastery. This presentation outlines ideas on how to promote  Technical and Vocational and Education...
N Varaprasad
14 Jan 2019 Presentation Draft Framework for Higher Education in Asia and the Pacific
Employment is changing, and one needs to have a niche in order to survive. Conventional challenges such as traditional university, academic ...
Gerry Postiglione
14 Jan 2019 Presentation Education Technology to Drive Learning and Skills Development: Implications for ADB
The two main problems in education are learning crisis and changing nature of jobs. This presentation shares ways on how technology can help...
Marito Garcia
14 Jan 2019 Group Discussions


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