Earth Observation Applications in Agriculture and Rural Development


Earth Observation Applications in Agriculture and Rural Development

25 July 2018

Agriculture and rural development will benefit greatly from remote sensing and other earth observation information technology and services. 

Optimal use of earth observation can help achieve global food security. ADB staff participated in this one-day training to build awareness on the utility and potential benefits of using Earth Observation information services for agriculture and rural development. The training was orgnized by ADB's Water Sector Group and and Agriculture and Rural Development Thematic Group in cooperation with the European Space Agency.

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
25 Jul 2018 Opening Earth Observation Services in the Context of Sustainable Development: Key Concepts, Examples and Opportunities
Earth observation through remote sensing can bring many advantages to agriculture and food production. Remote sensing is the science of acquiring information...
25 Jul 2018 Presentation Introduction and Welcome
Earth Observation for Sustainable Development or EO4SD is a dedicated program for sustainable development. It aims to show the effectiveness of Earth ...
Remco Dost
25 Jul 2018 Session 1 Increase Agricultural Productivity and Natural Resource Monitoring
Earth observationcan provide the tools to monitor the status and trends of production in agricultural areas. It can provide a continuous assessment of...
Remco Dost
25 Jul 2018 Session 2 Optimize Water Use Efficiency
Water is indispensable to food security. To achieve high food production in a world with rising population, water management should be top priority. Earth...
Arjen Vrielink
25 Jul 2018 Session 3 Inundation Frequency Mapping
We need to increase agricultural productivity while decreasing agricultural risks to be able to feed the projected 2 billion increase in the global population...
Arjen Vrielink
25 Jul 2018 Session 4 Monitoring and Evaluation Using Earth Observation
Earth observation can be a very useful tool for monitoring and evaluation. It can help monitor land degradation and productivity andquantify trends to...
Remco Dost


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