Asian Development Outlook 2023 and Addressing Sri Lanka's Economic Crisis

Series: Serendipity Knowledge Program for Sri Lanka

Asian Development Outlook 2023 and Addressing Sri Lanka's Economic Crisis

04 April 2023

Serendipity Knowledge Program (SKOP) is an ADB platform dedicated to identifying knowledge solutions for Sri Lanka’s development challenges. Serendib is one of Sri Lanka’s ancient names and serendipity refers to a fortunate finding, which is a common occurrence throughout the history of product invention and scientific discovery. ADB established this new knowledge program in 2021 in line with its vision as a knowledge solutions bank.

The latest edition of SKOP events launched the Asian Development Outlook for 2023. The ADB team presented the outlook for Asia and the Pacific, followed by a session on the outlook for South Asia and Sri Lanka.

The event featured a keynote speech by the Governor of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, sharing his views and insights into steering the economy through a crisis and early lessons. This was followed by a deep dive into Sri Lanka’s current economic challenges and way forward with a panel discussion. The Panel included participants from the government, the banking sector, prominent economic advisors, and the ADB. The discussions focused on the impact of the crisis on both the private and public sectors and measures to overcome the crisis along the narrow path ahead. The IMF Resident Representative for Sri Lanka delivered a special address on the recently approved IMF Extended Fund Facility Arrangement for Sri Lanka.


Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
04 Apr 2023 Presentation Asian Development Outlook 2023: Brighter Prospects Amid Ongoing Challenges
This presentation gives an overview of the economic growth in the Asia Pacific region and the possible risks and challenges.
Irfan Qureshi
04 Apr 2023 Presentation from IMF Sri Lanka: A Primer on the Extended Fund Facility
This presentation gives an overview of IMF's program strategy for Sri Lanka.
Sarwat Jahan


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