ASEAN Australia Smart Cities Webinar Series Part 5: Digitized Solutions Connecting Labor Market and Students


ASEAN Australia Smart Cities Webinar Series Part 5: Digitized Solutions Connecting Labor Market and Students

08 December 2020


Youth unemployment, skills shortages and skills mismatches are key challenges in many Southeast Asian countries with fast-growing economy, expanding workforce and a labor market transitioning from agriculture to industry. Research shows that there is a need for universities, technical and vocational education and training (TVET) institutes to collaborate with the private sector and labor market institutions to identify and bridge existing skills gaps to ensure that new entrants to the labor force are equipped with the right skills to support the regional growth and economic development.

Education Technologies (EdTech) are fast growing in Southeast Asia and can play a key role in providing transformative solutions in education and fill the crucial gaps in between labor market and students. The new generation of EdTech solutions is driven by the gradual movement from the traditional towards the digital-age learning model with e.g. e-learning, career guidance and profiling platforms, data-driven labor market information systems etc.

This webinar explored how EdTech can identify skills gaps and create a link between employment training and local labor market demands and opportunities to enhance school-to-work and career transitions. Panelists also shared the benefits provided by these smart EdTech solutions, along with best practices and specific use cases.

(Part 5 of the ASEAN Australia Smart Cities Trust Fund Webinar Series)

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
08 Dec 2020 Brief AASCTF Digital Solutions Brief: Digitized Solutions Connecting Labor Market and Students
This 2-page document sets out opportunities, benefits and prerequisites for pursuing EdTech to bridge the labor demand and skills gap, with two use cases...
08 Dec 2020 Presentations Digitalizing TVET in the Philippines
The presentation gave an overview of theTESDA Online Program (TOP), their approach in online course development, and the challenges encountered while ...
Redilyn Agub
08 Dec 2020 Presentations Using AI for Skills Anticipation and Planning
The presentation emphasized how AI and technology can be applied to help students and individuals access real-time labour market information. Assisted...
Hector Lin
08 Dec 2020 Presentations Australian EdTech Sector Connecting EdTech and Cities
The presentation emphasizedthe link between EdTech and cities, and how cities/states/countries can make a huge impact with small strategic investments...
David Linke


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