ASEAN Australia Smart Cities Webinar Series Part 2: Mitigating Flooding Impact with IoT Early Warning Technologies


ASEAN Australia Smart Cities Webinar Series Part 2: Mitigating Flooding Impact with IoT Early Warning Technologies

08 September 2020


As the world focuses on the current COVID-19 pandemic, disasters brought about by climate change and extreme weather events such as flooding continue to challenge the resilience of cities. In the midst of a pandemic situation, it is imperative that local governments strengthen their early warning systems in order to protect their communities and avoid overwhelming their disaster management capabilities. Fortunately, recent advances in remote sensing, artificial intelligence, and information technologies, in combination with crowdsourced information from social media are leading to significant changes in the mechanisms of flood early warning systems (FEWS).

Part 2 of the ASEAN Smart Cities: Digital Solutions Webinar Series explored how digitalization and new technologies are being used to mitigate flood impacts and create flood resilience in vulnerable communities within cities. Panelists shared their experience and specific use cases on technologies and practices that not only help strengthen the community’s flood resilience but also meet the needs of vulnerable social and gender groups. 

(Part 2 of the ASEAN Australia Smart Cities Trust Fund Webinar Series)


Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
08 Sep 2020 Brief AASCTF Digital Solutions Brief: IoT for Real-Time Flood Early Warning Systems
This 2-page document discusses how digital solutions such as flood early warning systemshave proven to be critical tools in mitgating flood impact in ...
08 Sep 2020 Presentation Improving flood management as part of Baguio’s smart city plan
This presentation gave an overview of Baguio City's challenges and smart city initiatives with regard to flood management.
Benjamin Magalong
08 Sep 2020 Presentation Improving sustainable design of cities through flood adaptation modelling using C-FAST
This presentation discussed how to useflood modeling capabilities to improve adaptation against flooding in cities.
Mahesh Prakash
08 Sep 2020 Presentation Flood early warning in Asia, exploring new solutions
This presentation discussed Deltares' experience with flood early warning systems in Asia.
Daniel Twigt
08 Sep 2020 Presentation Gender Transformative Early Warning System
This presentation discussed Practical Action'swork on gender-transformative early warning systems.
Alison Sneddon


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