Agricultural Burning: Sectoral to Regional Impacts and Solutions


Agricultural Burning: Sectoral to Regional Impacts and Solutions

27 April 2023

The burning of residues and other wastes from agricultural lands and processes lead to pollutant emissions that contribute to air pollution and climate change. In different parts of Asia, seasonal crop residue burning is identified as a major contributor of air pollution. Agricultural burning continues to raise environmental, health, and economic concerns at the sectoral, local, national, and regional levels due to the scale of its impacts and the need for cross-cutting solutions. Sustainably addressing this issue requires the careful balance of applying air quality management approaches that must be integrated with agricultural practices, community behavior, and availability of resources for implementing solutions.

The South - South Knowledge Sharing on Air Quality and Carbon Neutrality project financed by the Clean Energy Financing Partnership managed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) aims to provide an avenue to learn best practices on improving air quality and reducing carbon emissions. In this knowledge sharing event, the aim is to discuss impacts of agricultural burning and what solutions has worked at the sectoral to regional level.


This event brought together all interested stakeholders to discuss opportunities to address agricultural waste burning. The webinar gave an overview of the extent of the air quality, health, climate, and transboundary impacts of agricultural burning. More importantly, effective solutions on addressing the issue will be discussed by regional experts, with emphasis on the needs and considerations to ensure success and sustainability of solutions

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
27 Apr 2023 Opening Moderator Everlyn Tamayo, Clean Air Asia
27 Apr 2023 Opening Welcome remarks and overview of the South - South Knowledge Sharing on Air Quality and Carbon Neutrality Qingfeng Zhang, Chief, Rural Development and Food Security (Agriculture) Thematic Group, ADB
27 Apr 2023 Opening Opening Speech Noor Ahmed, Executive Director, ADB
27 Apr 2023 Event overview Presentation of the workshop agenda Everlyn Tamayo, Air Quality and Climate Change Science Lead, Clean Air Asia
27 Apr 2023 Setting the scene: Extent and impacts of agricultural burning in Asia An overview of the statistics on the extent, rate, and impacts of agricultural burning in Asian countries
This presentation gave an overview of the agricultural burning in Asian countries from the Clean Air Asia perspective.
Tanmoy Mukherjee
27 Apr 2023 Initiatives on addressing agricultural burning Stock taking of regional level initiatives to address agricultural burning
This presentation discussed the initiatives of Clean Air Asia regarding agricultural burning.
Dang Casanova
27 Apr 2023 Q&A
27 Apr 2023 Measures to control agricultural burning in China Crop residue actions of the Peoples Republic of China on the agriculture sector to improve air quality
This presentation discussed the critical measures on how to utilize crop straw residues in the People's Republic of China.
Wendao Cao
27 Apr 2023 Challenges and solutions on crop residue management to avoid agricultural burning in South Asia Outcomes and way forward from the UNESCAP Meeting on "Crop Residue Management in South Asia: Advancing Subregional Cooperation for Sustainable, Climate‐smart and Integrated Management of Crop Residues"
This presentation discussed the challenges and solutions to crop residue management to reduce agriculture burning from UNESCAP perspective
Takashi Takahatake
27 Apr 2023 BREAK
27 Apr 2023 Challenges in the Implementation of Available Solutions to Reduce Open-Burning of Agricultural Residues and the Way Forward Case study: Specific measures to address air pollution from agricultural burning in Thailand
This presentation discussed challenges and solutions in implementing available solutions to reduce the open-burning of agricultural residues.
Supat Wangwongwatana
27 Apr 2023 Panel Discussion Key discussion points:
What are the biggest challenges you face on addressing agricultural waste burning in your country?
Moderated by Clean Air Asia

Takashi Takahatake, UNESCAP
Md. Ziaul Haque, Bangladesh DOE
Syeda Hadika Jamshaid, Pakistan MOCC
27 Apr 2023 Panel Discussion What are the key solutions and enabling factors to addressing agricultural open burning in your country and in South Asia?
27 Apr 2023 Panel Discussion Are there any ongoing good practices in your country which you would like to scale up or good practices in other countries that you would like to apply in your country?
27 Apr 2023 Takeaways and closing Karma Yangzom, Principal Environment Specialist, ADB


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