ADB-ADBI Forum on Governance and Institutions: Issues in State-Owned Enterprise Reforms and Corporate Governance


ADB-ADBI Forum on Governance and Institutions: Issues in State-Owned Enterprise Reforms and Corporate Governance

11 June 2018 to 13 June 2018
Republic of Korea

Good governance and effective public management are essential for country and sector development. The message of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) Asia 2050 report is clear—better governance is key to determining whether a developing member country (DMC) can accelerate development and inclusive growth, and is instrumental to strengthening local institutions and reducing poverty.

The Governance Thematic Group of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) jointly organized the 2018 Forum on Governance and Institutions, in partnership with the Korea Development Institute (KDI), as a platform for senior DMC officials to discuss governance and public sector management. The Forum’s focus was on state-owned enterprise (SOE) reform and corporate governance. The Forum used a twin-track approach: component 1 (day 1) focused on the overall context of governance and public sector management in which SOE reforms and issues of corporate governance feature, and component 2 (days 2 and 3) included an SOE-specific skills development program tied to discussions on day 1.

The objectives of the Forum were as follows: (i) promote discussion and share policy insights and country experiences on SOE reform and corporate governance among government officials and experts; and (ii) build the capacity of officials to design and implement innovative approaches to SOE reform and corporate governance.

18 government officials from 10 ADB developing member countries (Azerbaijan, People's Republic of China, Fiji, India, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, and Viet Nam); and 15 ADB staff memebrs from resident missions and HQ participated.

After the Forum, participants gained (i) better appreciation of overall trends in corporate governance and SOE reform; (ii) understanding of the scope of ADB efforts in SOE reform and corporate governance; (iii) appreciation of the legal implications of work related to addressing corporate governance weaknesses; (iv) ability to ascertain red flags in SOE operations, and knowledge of how to approach them; and (v) development of professional networks and linkages among practitioners and policy makers in specific areas of corporate governance and SOE reform.



Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
11 Jun 2018 Opening Ceremony Remarks by Chiara Bronchi, Deputy Director General of SDCC and OIC of the Governance Thematic Group
Chiara Bronchi, Deputy Director General concurrently Chief Thematic Officer and OIC, Governance Thematic Group,underscores theimportance of renewed commitments...
11 Jun 2018 Remarks by Chul Ju Kim, Deputy Dean of ADBI
Chul Ju Kim, ADBI Deputy Dean shared the importance of transparent and accountable corporate governance of SOEs for sound and sustained economic development...
11 Jun 2018 Group Photo Session
11 Jun 2018 Special Talk Korea’s Development Experience and Role of ADB and MDBs Joon-Kyung Kim, Professor of KDI School of Public Policy and Management
11 Jun 2018 Tea/coffee break
11 Jun 2018 Session 1 ADB’s Focus on Governance and Public Sector Management
Gambhir Bhatta, Advisor, SDCC and Head, Knowledge Sharing and Services Center of ADB discussed ADB’s focus on governance and public sector management, ...
Gambhir Bhatta
11 Jun 2018 Session 2 Country Cases
11 Jun 2018 China: SOE Experience Jianjun Zhou
11 Jun 2018 Viet Nam: New Establishment of the State Agency on SOE Ownership Phan Duc Hieu
11 Jun 2018 Viet Nam: Corporate Governance in Viet Nam's SOEs Nguyen Thi Ngoc Khanh
11 Jun 2018 Kazakhstan: Note on Sovereign Wealth Fund Samruk-Kazyna Joint Stock Company and Corporate Governance Elvira Konakhbayeva
11 Jun 2018 Q&A
11 Jun 2018 Lunch Break
11 Jun 2018 Session 3 ADB as a Responsible Developments Partner: The India Infrastructure Finance Company Limited (IIFCL) Case Study
Bruno Carrasco, Director,Public Management, Financial Sector, & Trade Division of the ADB South Asia Department shared ADB operations related to SOE...
Bruno Carrasco
11 Jun 2018 Q&A
11 Jun 2018 Tea/coffee break
11 Jun 2018 Session 4 Corporate Governance, SOE Reforms and Financial Instruments - Legal Aspects
Jogendra Ghimire, ADB Senior Counsel talked about ADB's engagement with SOEs andthe legal aspects of SOE reforms.
Jogendra Ghimire
11 Jun 2018 Session 5 Panel discussion: What next in SOE reforms and practice of corporate governance in Asia and the Pacific, and how to get there?
11 Jun 2018 Dinner hosted by ADBI
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
12 Jun 2018 Session 6 Framing the Implementation Challenges in Public Sector and SOE Reform Kwang Sung Kim
12 Jun 2018 Session 7 Engaging the Clients Kwang Sung Kim
12 Jun 2018 Lunch
12 Jun 2018 Site Visit Korea Water Resources Corporation (K-Water) in Daejeon
12 Jun 2018 Dinner hosted by KDI
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
13 Jun 2018 Session 8 Governance and Transparency in the Public Sector Jin Wook Choi
13 Jun 2018 Tea/coffee break
13 Jun 2018 Session 9 How Public Private Partnerships (PPP) can Promote Efficiency and Fiscal Space in the Context of Korea’s Experience Hyeon Park
13 Jun 2018 Lunch Break
13 Jun 2018 Session 10 Reforming State Enterprises Jin Park
13 Jun 2018 Tea/coffee break
13 Jun 2018 Session 11 Group Exercise: Action Planning: Clients formulate an action plan and possible follow-up steps on their countries policies and strategies on improving performance of SOEs Kwang Sung Kim
13 Jun 2018 Group Exercise: Feedback on Action Plan from Panel of Experts from ADB, ADBI and KDI Kwang Sung Kim
13 Jun 2018 Session 12 Closing Ceremony: Wrap-up and Concluding Remarks
13 Jun 2018 Panel Discussion
13 Jun 2018 Evaluation
13 Jun 2018 Presentation of Certificates by ADB/ADBI


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