2nd Asia Finance Forum: FinTech and Sustainable Development

08 November 2017 to 10 November 2017

The conference discussed the growing importance of digital finance and its cross-cutting impacts on sustainable development goals, including poverty reduction, inclusive economic growth, inequality mitigation. It  also discussed how digital finance can help address thematic issues such as hunger, health, education, gender, energy, infrastructure, and climate change.

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
08 Nov 2017 Welcome Address Welcome Remarks during the 2nd Asia Finance Forum
ADB's Vice-President for Knowledge Management & Sustainable Development Bambang Susantono opened the 2nd Asia FInance Forum by sharing...
Bambang Susantono
08 Nov 2017 Keynote Opening: Sustainable Development Goals and Digital Finance Digital Finance for SDG: the future that is happening Chen Long
08 Nov 2017 Session 1: Panel Discussion Making the Last Mile the First Opportunity with FinTech
08 Nov 2017 Session 2: How is FinTech Impacting Urban Development Across Asia? Digital Payment in Public Utilities: The Indonesia Experience
Indonesia employs a digital payment scheme for public transport. It uses a single card for payments to the commuter train, buses, and road tolls...
Triyono [node:field_last_name]
08 Nov 2017 Session 3a: Panel Discussion Digital Finance and the Future of Commerce
08 Nov 2017 Session 3b: Panel Discussion Financing Agriculture Value Chains in the Digital Age
08 Nov 2017 Sesssion 3c: Innovations in Digital Technologies that are Impacting Access to Insurance Asia Risk Transfer Solutions: Trends in Emerging Asia
The fast growth of the insurance industry in Asia demands new and innovative insurance approaches and processes. InsureTech, the application...
Alex Chen
08 Nov 2017 Session 3d: Spring boarding pilot projects using digital financial technologies into full-blown projects FINCA Bank Georgia
In July 2017, FINCA Bank conducted a pilot project that aimed to facilitate the use of tablet devices on the field for loan processing and requirements...
Giorgi Samadashvili
08 Nov 2017 Digital Finance Marketplace
08 Nov 2017 Photos Speakers and Panelists
Photos from Day 1
08 Nov 2017 Photos Participants
Photos from Day 1
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
09 Nov 2017 Welcome Address Welcome Address at the 2nd Asia Finance Forum (Day 2)
Welcome address
Ingrid van Wees
09 Nov 2017 Keynote Opening Session Digital Finance: Balancing Regulation and Policies
AFI write-up on keynote session taken from AFI website. 
Alfred Hannig
09 Nov 2017 Session 4: Panel Discussion Creating An Enabling FinTech Environment
09 Nov 2017 Session 5: ICT Infrastructure and FinTech MobiCom: "E money" Customer and Regulatory Understanding
This presentation shares brief information on e-money, customer-based infrastructure, and the convenience joint cards provides to users, in ...
Enkhsaikhan Munkhjargalan
09 Nov 2017 Session 5: ICT Infrastructure and FinTech Telecom Infrastructure and DFS Initiatives in Pakistan
Pakistan has a vibrant telecoms sector, with over 140 million cellular phone subscribers and over 48 million broadband subscribers. It ...
Muhammad Arif Sargana
09 Nov 2017 Session 6: Panel Discussion Accelerating Financial Inclusion: The Role of Digital Identification
09 Nov 2017 Session 7a: Panel Discussion Challenges of Cyber Security for FinTech Operations
09 Nov 2017 Session 7b: Panel Discussion Test-and-learn Approaches, Regulatory Sandboxes, and RegTech - the Story So Far
09 Nov 2017 Session 7c: Panel Discussion Data Privacy, Financial Education, and Consumer Protection
09 Nov 2017 Photos Speakers and Panelists
Photos from Day 2
09 Nov 2017 Photos Participants
Photos from Day 2
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
10 Nov 2017 Welcome Address Gil-Hong Kim
10 Nov 2017 Keynote Opening Session Opportunities for FinTech in Asia
This presentation stresses the need for more inclusive digital payment systems and digital financial systems, especially since ...
Michael Wiegand
10 Nov 2017 Session 8: Panel Discussion Laying the Foundation for Digital Finance and Development Priorities
10 Nov 2017 Session 9: The Way Forward
10 Nov 2017 Closing Remarks Arsene Jacoby
10 Nov 2017 Photos Photos from Day 3
Speakers and panelists


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