[VIDEO] Day 2: Session 2 - SASEC Experience

Event: 2023 Regional Cooperation and Integration Conference: Strengthening Regional Cooperation and Integration through Economic Corridor Development

[VIDEO] Day 2: Session 2 - SASEC Experience

06 September 2023
Author / Speaker: 
Md. Ashfaqul Amin Mukut, Economic Relations Division, Bangladesh - Other materials by the author
Gaki Wangmo, Department of Macro-fiscal and Development Finance, Bhutan - Other materials by the author
Sumita Dawra, Ministry of Economic Development, India - Other materials by the author
Niushad Saeed, Ministry of Economic Development, Maldives - Other materials by the author
Narayan Dhakal, Ministry of Finance, Nepal - Other materials by the author
Udaya Nishantha Mallawaarachchi, Department of National Planning, Sri Lanka - Other materials by the author

Individual SASEC countries have pursued the development of economic corridors as a major tool for bringing economic transformation and promoting inclusive growth. Under the SASEC program, ECD has featured prominently in pursuit of synergies among SASEC members, involving the development of efficient multimodal transport networks, quality infrastructure and a business-friendly policy framework with efficient business procedures. This sub-session aims to share SASEC member experience in ECD, highlighting challenges and lessons learned.

Geographical Focus: 
Sri Lanka
Subregional- South Asia
Type of Content: 
Learning Event


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