[Session Recording] Leaders’ Roundtable: The Future of Food and Agriculture

Event: Asia-Pacific Rural Development and Food Security Forum 2022: Battling Climate Change and Transforming Agri-food Systems

[Session Recording] Leaders’ Roundtable: The Future of Food and Agriculture

23 March 2022

ADB and its partners are organizing the Asia Pacific Rural Development and Food Security Forum on 22-24 March 2022. #RDFS2022 aims to discuss ideas on rethinking the future of agriculture amidst complex and evolving challenges; explore new research, innovations, and technologies that can help build nature-positive food systems; and forge partnerships and collaborations which will mobilize finance for innovation, research, and business in order to promote food and nutrition security in the Asia and Pacific region. The session will discuss ways to rethink agri-food system transformation, while considering effective models of governance and collaboration, to meet the continuing demand for safe, nutritious, and affordable food. Global leaders will share their perspectives on how to build a green, nature-positive, sustainable, and resilient food system.


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