Webinar Recording: Entrepreneurship in the Futhaure of Agriculture

Event: 9th International Skills Forum: Reimagining Education and Skills Development for a New Normal

Webinar Recording: Entrepreneurship in the Futhaure of Agriculture

23 August 2021

With the international community and countries speeding up their responses to the challenges of agricultural development and current threats, agricultural startups combining technology and new ideas are emerging as one of the new alternatives. Future experts predict agriculture as a future growth industry based on the population outlook and current global economic trends. According to the Future of Climate Tech report released by Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), most of the U.S. climate technology investment is focused on those areas: agriculture, food, distribution, logistics, energy, and strategy.

Advanced agricultural countries around the world have already transformed into smart agriculture by utilizing digital technology and the fourth industrial revolution technology, and recently, startups led by younger generations contributing to the sustainable agricultural development of the region are emerging in Asia.

To ensure that agriculture can be an attractive occupation for young innovative people and agriculture start-ups can succeed in the market, systemic efforts from the government, universities, and other communities are needed. Especially in Asia and the Pacific Region, agriculture startups need more systematic and integrated support to overcome initial barriers in the start-up process, such as customizing technology support, initial financing, and linkages to present value chain networks and so on. In this session, we will hear about the role of the government and universities from a government officials, University professors and agriculture entrepreneurs.

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