Short Film – From Killer Roads to Humane Highways

Event: Building Capacity for Conserving and Managing Natural Capital during the Planning and Implementation of Transportation Projects in South Asia

Short Film – From Killer Roads to Humane Highways

15 July 2019
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Shekar Dattatri, Independent - Other materials by the author

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‘From Killer Roads to Humane Highways’ addresses the adverse impacts of roads and highways on wildlife, and showcases some of the mitigation measures that countries must adopt to arrest the needless deaths of thousands of wild animals every year. Produced in the public interest, the goal of the film is to impress upon decision-makers and the general public that development and conservation can go hand in hand if nature is thoughtfully factored into the planning process.

The film was produced under the aegis of the Science for Nature and People Partnership (SNAPP) project titled, ‘Landscape Connectivity in India’ led by Dr. Krithi Karanth and Dr. Ullas Karanth from the Centre for Wildlife Studies in partnership with Dr. Ruth Defries of Columbia University.  SNAPP supports projects that focus on solutions for global challenges to nature conservation, sustainable development, and human wellbeing.

A large number of wildlife and conservation photographers from all over India came forward to contribute their images to this project, and we are immensely grateful for their support. Images were also sourced from Wikimedia Commons and the WikiProject Nature and Conservation in India. 

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