Going Beyond Solar Home Systems

Event: Asia Clean Energy Forum 2019

Going Beyond Solar Home Systems

20 June 2019
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Venkat Rajaraman, Cygni Energy Pvt Ltd - Other materials by the author

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Most Solar Home Systems available in the market are low power solutions typically up to 100 watts, that can run lights, fans, and a small TV. Cygni has pioneered the development of 48V DC System, which goes beyond the traditional solar home systems, and that can power appliances up to 500 watts. It can run not only domestic appliances but also productive use appliances like water pumps, dryers, mixer/grinders, rice polishers/huskers, water dispensers, and Freezers/Refrigerators. The ownership of this equipment is either individual or community-based.

Data monitoring plays a very important role in ascertaining the energy usage habits of rural consumers. Current data analysis shows that more than 50% of power generated goes unused in some of Cygni's installations which can be better utilized for productive use to generate additional income. Another major opportunity with excess energy is the option of energy trading among households. This presentation discussed Cygni's experience in taking such systems to the customers, the effect of monitoring and the opportunity to up-sell based on their need and the challenges with last-mile distribution. It also explained Cygni's engagement to distribute through Micro Finance Institutions (MFI).

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