Knowledge and Power: Lessons from ADB Energy Projects


Knowledge and Power: Lessons from ADB Energy Projects

01 October 2015

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With Asia set to surpass the rest of the world’s energy consumption before 2035, project implementers and stakeholders need to understand the development and needs of the region’s energy sector to meet its challenges.

ADB has provided over $28 billion in loans and grants for energy-related projects from 2008 to 2014 to its developing member countries (DMCs), as well as added value through a wealth of knowledge and suitable practices.

This publication offers a snapshot of the region’s energy sources and how they are used, and presents recent developments and challenges that emphasize the urgency and necessity of sustainable energy initiatives. It features 15 recent noteworthy projects as case stories (contexts, solutions, results, and lessons) that were implemented in Bangladesh, Bhutan, the People’s Republic of China, India, Indonesia, the Federated States of Micronesia, the Philippines, and Uzbekistan in the areas of energy efficiency, solar energy, geothermal, waste-to-energy, advanced coal technology, and electricity interconnection.

Geographical Focus: 
Regional - Asia
Type of Content: 
Project Stories
Material Type of Material Author / Speaker
Coal Mine Methane Development Project: The First Large-Scale Capture and Use of Coal Mine Methane for Power Generation in Asia Cases Ashok Bhargava, Aiming Zhou, Dongxiang Li
Tianjin Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Power Plant Project: New Power Generation Technology for Near-Zero Emissions Cases Annika Seiler, Aiming Zhou, Dongxiang Li
Green Power Development Project: Bringing Benefits to Bhutan and Beyond Cases Kaoru Ogino, Aiming Zhou, Dongxiang Li
The People’s Republic of China’s Municipal Waste-to-Energy Project: A Model Approach to Financing a State-of-the-Art Technology Cases Shuji Hashizume, Aiming Zhou, Dongxiang Li
Rajasthan Concentrating Solar Power: A Multi-stakeholder Partnership That Maximizes Solar Power to Fuel India’s Economy Cases Aniruddha Vinaykumar Patil, Aiming Zhou, Dongxiang Li
The Pay-as-You-Go Off-Grid Project in India: Addressing Energy Poverty One House at a Time Cases Aniruddha Vinaykumar Patil, Aiming Zhou, Dongxiang Li
Samarkand Solar Power Plant Project: Central Asia’s First Solar Power Plant Cases Cindy Tiangco, Aiming Zhou, Dongxiang Li
Sarulla Geothermal Project: Tapping Indonesia’s Geothermal Resources Cases Lazeena Rahman, Aiming Zhou, Dongxiang Li
Yap Renewable Energy Development Project: Breaking the Reliance on Fossil Fuels Cases J. Michael Trainor, Aiming Zhou, Dongxiang Li
Bangladesh–India Electrical Grid Interconnection Project: South Asia’s First Interconnection of Two National Grids Cases Len George, Priyantha Wijayatunga, Aiming Zhou, Dongxiang Li
West Kalimantan Power Grid Strengthening Project: Reducing Indonesia’s Oil Dependency While Fostering Regional Cooperation Cases Sohail Hasnie, Aiming Zhou, Dongxiang Li
Energy Efficiency Multi-Project Financing in the People’s Republic of China: Reducing Energy Consumption in a Rapidly Growing Economy Cases Hisaka Kimura, Aiming Zhou, Dongxiang Li
Guangdong Energy Efficiency and Environment Improvement Investment Program, Tranche 1: Providing Additional Power Capacity through Energy Savings Cases Xinjian Liu, Aiming Zhou, Dongxiang Li
The Philippine Energy Efficiency Project: Lighting Up the Philippines in an Efficient Way Cases Rehan Kausar, Aiming Zhou, Dongxiang Li
Support to Indonesia Eximbank: Building Capacity for Energy Efficiency Cases Madeleine Varkay, Thomas Dreessen, Aiming Zhou, Dongxiang Li


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