Youth in Action: Driving Solutions for Sustainable Tourism


Youth in Action: Driving Solutions for Sustainable Tourism

17 March 2022

This session was part of the larger Southeast Asia Development Symposium (SEADS), ADB's preeminent development policy forum for the Southeast Asia region. ADB Youth for Asia (YfA), an initiative under the NGO and Civil Society Center, organized the "Youth in Action: Driving Solutions for Sustainable Tourism” deep dive workshop. 

In the YfA-partner Deep Dive Workshop at SEADS 2022, an intergenerational and multisectoral dialogue explored the future of sustainable tourism in the region and the opportunities that meaningfully engaged young people to offer to realize this vision. Participants from government, civil society and youth organizations, academic institutions, and others shared opportunities, lessons learned, and recommendations for revitalizing a tourism sector that is sustainable, inclusive, and driven by meaningfully engaging with more youth. 

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
17 Mar 2022 Welcome and Introduction to Session Maggie Chen, Moderator
17 Mar 2022 Youth in a Time of Crisis Overview
Excerpts from a study
17 Mar 2022 Farm Virtual Tour Pareena Prayukvong
17 Mar 2022 Meaningful Youth Engagement in Sustainable Tourism
From ADB Youth for Asia
Iris Caluag
17 Mar 2022 Overview of Youth at Crossroads: A Sustainable Tourism Solutions Search Ecotel, LOWIS, and Taoyaa
17 Mar 2022 Breakout Discussions: Deep Dive into Youth Solutions and Tourism (Fishbowl Discussion) AIESEC Facilitators
17 Mar 2022 Plenary to share breakout highlights Maggie Chen, Moderator
17 Mar 2022 Synthesis and closing remarks Maggie Chen, Moderator and Desiree Dee, Tofu Creatives
17 Mar 2022 Evaluation and Wrap up Maggie Chen, Moderator


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