Wholesale Agricultural Markets: Innovations for a Competitive Future


Wholesale Agricultural Markets: Innovations for a Competitive Future

20 April 2021

Wholesale markets play a key role in the distribution of agricultural products while considering aggregation of commodities, price formation ad stabilization, quality assurance, diversified demand of consumers, food safety and promotion of farmers' income increase. However, wholesale markets have encountered various challenges more often influenced by global, regional and domestic factors.

The webinar discussed technological innovations used in quality assurance and traceability systems in wholesale markets.

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
20 Apr 2021 Opening Remarks Opening Remarks
Through this webinar from the series, Sustainable Food Systems, ADB looks at the role, importance, and future of wholesale markets (WSMs) in meeting consumer...
Qingfeng Zhang, Yasmin Siddiqi
20 Apr 2021 Presentation Modern WSM Roles and Functions: Current Marketing Context, Trends, Food Security, Price Stability and Food Safety
Key roles and functions of wholesale markets (WSMs) and agricultural logistic centers are shared through this presentation, as well as its important role...
Hans Woldring
20 Apr 2021 Presentation The Italmercati Experience
Centering on the system of the Italian Wholesale Markets Network, the presentation notes how the network worked throughthe history and challenges of wholesale...
Fabio Massimo Pallottini
20 Apr 2021 Presentation The Rungis Experience
Providing a background on the major role of wholesale markets in Europe, this presentation discusses how wholesale markets can play a key role in preventing...
Bertrand Ambroise
20 Apr 2021 Presentation EBRD Experience with Wholesale Markets
Lessons learned and best practices of financed wholesale markets (WSM) in the 1990s are shared through this presentation by theFormer Director of Agribusiness...
Gilles Mettetal
20 Apr 2021 Panel Discussion Views from Developing Member Countries, Cooperatives, Traders, Modern WSM Operators, and Retailers
Perspectives on current systems and future of wholesale markets (WSM) are shared in this session, wherein stakeholders representing different players ...
Tomas Horche Trueb, Apipu Phataraprasi, Rashid Bajwa, Zhainagul Akylbekova
20 Apr 2021 Panel Discussion CMC and EWR in Pakistan
This presentation discusses how Collateral Management Company (CMC) Linkage works in Pakistan, along with its system of buyers, other key players, and...
Rashid Bajwa


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