Virtual Business Opportunities Seminar 2020 with Portugal


Virtual Business Opportunities Seminar 2020 with Portugal

30 September 2020

ADB undertakes Business Opportunities Seminars (BOSs) in its members to improve the interest and ability of eligible suppliers to locate ADB business opportunities, prepare high-quality and responsive bids, and understand ADB’s procurement and anticorruption procedures. For 2020, a series of virtual BOSs with constituent countries are underway. It allowed increased participation by ADB speakers and greater flexibility in seminar design. Procurement, Portfolio and Financial Management Department (PPFD) will support host organizations to plan and deliver an engaging virtual event using any desired videoconferencing platform, flexible around the practical realities of maintaining virtual audience engagement.

For this BOS, ADB partnered with AICEP-GPEARI. It tackled on climate change mitigation and adaptation with focus on water and energy sectors. There was also a presentation on ADB's procurement system and doing business with ADB.

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
30 Sep 2020 ADB Business Opportunities: Project Pipelines Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation with a focus on the Water and Energy Sectors
This presentation gives an overview of ongoing and upcoming business opportunities relevant to climate change, mitigation, and adaptation at ADB.
Frédéric Asseline
30 Sep 2020 ADB Procurement System Doing Business with ADB and the ADB Procurement System
This presentation gives an overview of business opportunities at ADB and explains the ADB procurement framework.
Taisuke Miyao


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