Urban Microgrids


Urban Microgrids

19 June 2019

An Asia Clean Energy Forum (ACEF) 2019 Deep Dive Workshop

Cities must play a central role in addressing climate challenges, not only because of their great potential to mitigate emissions of all kinds, but also because of the vulnerability of urban infrastructure to extreme weather caused increasingly by the changing climatic patterns. The power system in cities is no exception. Against this backdrop, urban microgrids consisting of decentralized power generation, highly responsive loads, energy storage, and smart energy management systems, may offer a reliable and sustainable solution. With the increasing integration of local renewables in urban environments, this option becomes more relevant and promising than ever for addressing the emerging energy challenges in cities.

However, how could the microgrids be powered largely by variable renewable energy sources be best deployed and integrated into the urban power systems? What roles the advanced energy management systems enabled by digitalized energy infrastructure, other innovative technologies for smart cities can play in facilitating the configuration and operation of a smart urban microgrid? What kinds of legal and regulatory frameworks should be put in place to enable the scale-up of such microgrids in cities?

These important questions deserve in-depth discussions that can help the national and local policymakers, urban energy planners and experts, and other stakeholders navigate the complexities of expanding the applications of urban microgrids in various contexts.

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
19 Jun 2019 Opening Remarks Susumu Yoneoka, ADB
19 Jun 2019 Session 1: Policy/Technologies Urban Microgrid: Enabling Utility and C&I towards Green and Digital Future Cai Wan Tam, ABB (Malaysia)
19 Jun 2019 Session 1: Policy/Technologies Optimization Tool for Energy Installations Romagnoli Alesandro, School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (Singapore)
19 Jun 2019 Session 1: Policy/Technologies 'Internet+' Integrated Energy Microgrids Application Hu Ke, GEDI (People's Republic of China)
19 Jun 2019 Session 2: Business Models Towards a Viable Business Model for Urban Microgrids Michael Ashford, Chemonics International
19 Jun 2019 Session 2: Business Models Campus Microgrids - Research, Energy Cost and Sustainability Objectives Adrian Panow, Deakin University (Australia)
19 Jun 2019 Session 2: Business Models DC Microgrid Yi Liu, Tsinghua University (People's Republic of China)
19 Jun 2019 Session 2: Business Models Solar Mini-Grids in Myanmar Nathalie Risteau, Mandalay Yoma Renewable Energy (Myanmar)


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