Symposium on Cities and Slums


Symposium on Cities and Slums

30 October 2013

Spearheaded by ADB’s Urban Operational Plan (UOP) Inclusive Cities' Focal Group, the Workshop on Enabling Inclusive Cities and the Symposium on Cities and Slums held on 28-30 October 2013 were back-to-back activities organized by the Urban Community of Practice geared towards the Enabling Inclusive Cities Agenda of the UOP.

The Workshop on Enabling Inclusive Cities was organized for participants to: (i) gain appreciation and understanding of the tools and methods imbibed in the toolkit; (ii) familiarize themselves on using an “inclusive approach” in designing urban sector projects; and (iii) get a first-hand experience of actual outputs and outcomes of an inclusive urban development project.

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
30 Oct 2013 Opening Remarks Anand Chiplunkar
30 Oct 2013 Objectives and Rationale of the Activity; Workshop Structure Enabling Inclusive Cities
Apart from the program overview, thispresentation discussesaspects that matter to inclusive urban development. It also sharesinformation on ADB’s experiences...
Florian Steinberg
30 Oct 2013 Presentation Housing and Emergence of Slums in Asian Cities
While Asian cities experience a rapid transformation, the number of slum dwellers in the region remains higher than anywhere else. Developing inclusive...
Banashree Banerjee
30 Oct 2013 Presentation Access to City-Wide Infrastructure and Basic Services to the Poor and Participatory City Shelter Development Planning for the Poor
Evaluation findings of slum upgrading from cities across the world reveal that emphasis on low cost, quick, and visible results in projects poses some...
Banashree Banerjee
30 Oct 2013 Presentation Land Tenure and Security and Creating Sustainable Housing Financing Schemes
The proliferation of informal settlements is a major challenge in Thailand. Achieving land tenure security and upgrading urban poor communities at citywide...
Thipparat Noppaladarom
30 Oct 2013 Presentation Making Disaster and Climate Resilient Communities
There is a need to protect life and existing development of nearly built-out communities, such as the case of slums in the Philippines. Proposed community...
Nathaniel von Einsiedel
30 Oct 2013 Presentation Strategic Private Sector Partnerships for Urban Poverty Reduction in Metro Manila: The STEP UP Program
Urban poverty in the Philippines remains high, especially in Metro Manila. STEP UP,a program supported by the Asian Development Bank,is an integrated ...
Florian Steinberg


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