Subnational Leaders’ Roundtable on Open Government


Subnational Leaders’ Roundtable on Open Government

14 December 2017

Subnational government leaders, senior officials, civil society representatives, development partners, private sector, and media representatives in this roundtable session talked about the role of open government in promoting inclusive development. The discussion covered exciting local open government initiatives, the challenges and opportunities for advancing this work, and the operationalization of strategies focusing on multi-level, multi-sector, and multi-actor coordination mechanisms for localizing global agendas across developing and emerging countries of the Asia and Pacific region.

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
14 Dec 2017 Introduction Gambhir Bhatta
14 Dec 2017 Presentation Open Government (Indonesian) Muhammad Zainul Majdi
14 Dec 2017 Presentation Bohol Province, Philippines: Initiatives in Strengthening Stakeholders' Influence in Budgeting and Legislation Edgar Chatto
14 Dec 2017 Presentation Bojonegoro: Open and Participative Governance in Reducing Poverty
From a very poor, constantly flooded regency with chronically corrupt local government, the Indonesian regency of Bojonegoro became one of the most admired...
Suyoto Ngartep Mustajab
14 Dec 2017 Presentation The Role of Civil Society Organizations in Open Government Partnership
The Open Society Georgia Foundation works proactively with the city government of Tbilisi in localizing Georgia’s global commitments to the Open Government...
Anano Tsintsabadze
14 Dec 2017 Presentation Citizen Voice and Action
Citizen Voice and Action, a program of World Vision International, builds the capacity of citizens to hold governments accountable for the promises they...
Otto Farkas
14 Dec 2017 Presentation Making Your Government Open Means Being Ready for Disruptive Technology
The World Smart Sustainable Cities Organization is driven by the philosophy of moving from traditional to intelligent governance in cities and recognizes...
Young-sook Nam
14 Dec 2017 Presentation Open Government for Inclusive Development
The role of networks, such as the United Cities and Local Governments Asia Pacific in promoting open government practices through research, co-learning...
Bernadia Irawati Tjandradewi
14 Dec 2017 Wrap-Up and Call for Action


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