Rural Development and Food Security Forum


Rural Development and Food Security Forum

09 December 2020

ADB’s Strategy 2030 calls for urgent attention to meet the challenges of poverty, food insecurity, and rural prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Rural Development and Food Security Forum aims to seek knowledge on enabling policies, technologies, and investments that will help DMCs/ADB generate rural prosperity and effective stewardship to land and water (fresh and marine) resources.

This event targets government and intergovernmental organizations in the region, multilateral and bilateral development institutions, private firms, research and development institutions, think tanks, and centers of excellence, NGOs, civil society and advocacy organizations, and other individuals engaged in agriculture and natural resources in ADB’s client countries.

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
09 Dec 2020 2019 Rural Development and Food Security Forum 2019: Transformative Changes for Rural Prosperity and Nutritious Food
The Asia Pacific region has made significant progress in terms of reducing food insecurity. Despite the remarkable gains, the region is still faced with...
09 Dec 2020 2016 Food Security Forum 2016: Safe, Nutritious, and Affordable Food for All
The agriculture and food industry in Asia and the Pacific region has undergone structural...
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
25 Jan 2021 Publications Rural Development and Food Security Forum 2019 Highlights and Takeaways
This publication provides insights from the Rural Development and Food Security Forum 2019 about how a sufficient, safe, nutritious, and affordable supply...
25 Jan 2021 Publications Dysfunctional Horticulture Value Chains and the Need for Modern Marketing Infrastructure
[Publication Launch Summary] These briefs present findings on agricultural wholesale markets in Viet Nam, Pakistan...
25 Jan 2021 Publications Climate-Smart Practices for Intensive Rice-Based Systems in Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Nepal
This publication presents the outcomes of initiatives promoting climate-smart agricultural practices and technologies in Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Nepal...
25 Jan 2021 Publications Information and Communication Technology for Agriculture in the People’s Republic of China
This report presents the findings of an assessment on the use of information and communication technology (ICT) to improve food production and distribution...
25 Jan 2021 Publications Ending Hunger in Asia and the Pacific by 2030: An Assessment of Investment Requirements in Agriculture
This report analyzes the impacts of agricultural challenges in Asia and the Pacific. It also identifies investments required in different subsectors to...
25 Jan 2021 Publications Policies to Support Investment Requirements of Indonesia's Food and Agriculture Development during 2020-2045
This report provides analysis and policy recommendations on the investments needed in Indonesia’s agriculture sector to boost food security and enhance...
25 Jan 2021 Publications Safe, Nutritious, and Affordable Food for All: ADB Food Security Forum 2016 Discussions and Recommendations
In 2000, 617 million people in Asia and the Pacific were suffering from hunger.


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