Resilient Rivers to Healthy Coasts for People and the Planet: an Integrated River Basin Management Approach

Series: UN 2023 Water Conference

Resilient Rivers to Healthy Coasts for People and the Planet: an Integrated River Basin Management Approach

23 March 2023

Rivers, their basins, and coastal zones face unparalleled pressures to continue providing sustainable benefits to maintain human welfare and support a healthy ecosystem and their services. Past exploitation and the continuous unsustainable management of water and land resources are now compounded by the unprecedented challenge of climate change. This crisis is impacting global economies and our collective wellbeing, the environment, and biodiversity, and will permanently alter our planet and societies. To address this crisis, an integrated river basin management (IRBM) approach to water management from headwaters to coastal zones is essential, guided by: (i) governance and policy reforms; (ii) stakeholder engagement and regional cooperation; (iii) science and evidence-based approaches; (iv) innovation, technology, and nature-based solutions; (v) cross-sectoral frameworks; (vi) a systems approach with enhanced planning; and (vii) mobilization of finance.

The session will present selected cases and share knowledge and solutions that demonstrate successful applications of integrated IRBM which focus on inclusive governance and application of the above principles to achieve successful cross-sectoral and multi-stakeholder outcomes. Importantly, the session will highlight on-the-ground projects and programs which accelerate the implementation of the SDGs and identify critical issues facing policymakers and practitioners through national and local experiences.

The session will adopt an integrated, cross-sectoral perspective to address resilient water management and may touch upon topics such as regulations based on a systems science approach, climate-smart agriculture and value chains, water and climate-sensitive urban development, application of nature-based solutions to address climate change, coastal pollution control as well as climate change mitigation measures to reduce GHG emission and promote carbon sequestration through agriculture and land use management.


Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
23 Mar 2023 Materials will be uploaded once available after the event.


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