Promoting a Knowledge- and Technology-Driven Southeast Asia


Promoting a Knowledge- and Technology-Driven Southeast Asia

17 August 2022

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has accelerated the adoption, use, and trust of digital technology. In Southeast Asia, the application of digital technology and the use of big data holds immense promise to improve broader public health capabilities and generate a large rate of return on digital health investments.

A newly published report from the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Harnessing the Potential of Big Data in Post-Pandemic Southeast Asia illustrates the analytical power of digital technology to turn voluminous datasets into actionable public service delivery mechanisms in health care, social welfare, and protection, and education offering large economic and social benefits. These could radically transform prospects for growth and economic recovery in the post-pandemic world.

This webinar examined how knowledge and technology can help governments deliver more effective and efficient services in the three focus sectors, namely: health care, social welfare and protection, and education, and feature findings from the study. 

During the webinar, ADB also launched the ASEAN Policy Network Portal, which aims to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and best practices and promote collaboration and partnerships between the ADB, the academe, think tanks, the private sector, civil society, and other development partners. Initially comprised of economists from ADB's resident missions in Southeast Asia and staff from other ADB knowledge departments, the network endeavors to produce knowledge products to help governments come up with policies to support economic growth and address pressing development issues and challenges in the region.

The ASEAN Policy Network Portal provides access and links to other sites and is a gateway to furthering collaboration with other regional institutions and organizations and ultimately expanding network membership.

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
17 Aug 2022 Presentation Harnessing the Potential of Big Data in Post-Pandemic Southeast Asia
This presentation gives an overview of the newly published report on Harnessing ...
James Villafuerte


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