PRC’s Transport Infrastructure Development and Quality of Life


PRC’s Transport Infrastructure Development and Quality of Life

06 September 2019

The People’s Republic of China (PRC) has put over 25,000 kilometers of dedicated high-speed railway lines into operation since 2008, far more than the rest of the world. The PRC also continues to actively develop transport infrastructure generally under its ambitious Built and Road Initiative.

The objective of the seminar was to enhance capacity and increase knowledge amongst senior officials, researchers, and experts on key issues related to the planning, implementation, and operation of transport infrastructure. This seminar examined the economic, environmental, and social effects of the PRC’s infrastructure projects and the implications for people’s quality of life in surrounding areas. The event also explored planning and policy approaches that have enabled the PRC’s rapid infrastructure development and how they could inform efforts by other countries in Asia and the Pacific to realize more sustainable and inclusive transport growth.

The seminar was divided into 2 sessions: Session 1 served as a platform to extract lessons from infrastructure projects development and operations in PRC, specifically on the effects of High-Speed Rail projects on the economy, environment, society, and the quality of Life. Meanwhile, Session 2 examined how PRC systematically develop infrastructure projects, from the perspective of public policy, institutional arrangement, as well as capacity building. The sessions were followed by open discussions with invited speakers

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
06 Sep 2019 Presentations People’s Republic of China’s High-Speed Rail Development - A Retrospective Study Ziming Liu
06 Sep 2019 Presentations Regional Economic Impact of High-Speed Rail Development in People’s Republic of China
The paper provides acomprehensive modeling framework to evaluate the long-term regional economic impacts of rail infrastructure development in the People...
Zhenhua Chen
06 Sep 2019 Presentations Public Policies and Quality of Life – An Overview and Outlook of People’s Republic of China’s Transport Infrastructure Investment
This presentation tackles the development and outlook of transport infrastructure investment and financing in the People's Republic of China.
Guangrui Xiao
06 Sep 2019 Presentations Private Involvement in the Infrastructure Building of BRI
Thispresentation discusses the Belt Road Initiative and identifies the roles of different stakeholders involved.
Qingyang Gu


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