Nature-Based Solutions that Promote Gender

Series: Gender Month 2022: Women Leading Towards An Equal, Greener and More Resilient Future

Nature-Based Solutions that Promote Gender

30 March 2022


To conclude ADB’s Gender Month celebration, the Gender and Environment Thematic Groups hosted a webinar on “Nature-based Solutions (NbS) that Promote Gender Equality” to highlight innovative and gender-responsive pathways to address critical environmental and social issues, including climate change adaption and mitigation, ecosystem degradation, and biodiversity loss. Panelists from Oxfam, WWF, and ILO shared NbS good practices that are led and implemented by women, and called for further support for women’s economic participation to scale-up solutions and achieve sustainable development. 

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
30 Mar 2022 Moderator Zonibel Woods, Senior Social Development Specialist , SDCC, ADB
30 Mar 2022 Opening Session Welcome Remarks Samantha Hung, Chief of Gender Equality Thematic Group, SDCC , ADB
30 Mar 2022 Nature-based solutions and their potential for empowering women
This presentation gave an overview of the nature-based solutions under potential for empowering women.
Laura Hellqvist
30 Mar 2022 Nature-Based Solutions that Promote Gender How are women building disaster resilience through seaweed farming and mangrove rehabilitation?
This presentation shared experiences of women engaged in nature-based solutions to local humanitarian leadership in the Philippines.
Leah Anadon-Payud
30 Mar 2022 Nature-Based Solutions that Promote Gender How can we scale up gender inclusive nature-based solutions?
This presentation discussed the WWF's efforts in building the resilience of coastal communities globally.
Maria Honig
30 Mar 2022 Nature-Based Solutions that Promote Gender What are the gender-related benefits and opportunities for nature-based solutions?
This presentation gave an overview of theEmployment Intensive Investment Programme (EIIP) of ILO.
Maria Teresa Gutierrez
30 Mar 2022 Nature-Based Solutions that Promote Gender Closing Session


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