Managing and Monitoring Air Quality in Ortigas


Managing and Monitoring Air Quality in Ortigas

27 October 2020


Outdoor or ambient air pollution is a critical environmental problem causing millions of premature deaths in Asia. At the same time, indoor air pollution is a major challenge also causing millions of premature deaths. The nature of indoor air pollution varies from one region or one country to another depending on the climatic conditions, type of housing, socio-cultural background and others.

In Metro Manila, the capital city of Philippines, given the warm tropical climate and high population density, indoor air pollution challenges mainly entail: cooling, air circulation and ventilation systems; fumes generated from cooking, cleaning agents, paint and other chemicals used for construction, repair and maintenance indoors; emissions from use of generators for the supply of electricity; emissions from vehicles (in enclosed parking spaces).

In addition to reducing the emission of pollutants, indoor air quality management must also consider controlling the spread of communicable diseases spread by viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites. The outbreak of COVID-19 has re-emphasized the importance of preventing the spread of communicable diseases inside buildings. With the easing of lockdowns and gradual return to business under the new normal it will be important to reassess and revamp indoor air quality management and general health and safety conditions inside buildings.

This webinar was a targeted training program for the members of the Ortigas Center Association, Inc. (OCAI). The training informed the participants on:

1. General concepts of Air Pollution

2. Managing indoor air quality under the new normal

3. Key features for controlling the spread of communicable diseases such as COVID-19

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
27 Oct 2020 Presentations General Concepts of Air Pollution
This presentation discusses the different concepts related to air pollution and air quality management.
Dang Espita-Casanova
27 Oct 2020 Presentations Indoor Air Quality in the New Normal: The Importance of Good Indoor Air Quality
Learn about the guidelines in the workplace to ensure public health safety in the new normal.
Victorio Molina
27 Oct 2020 Presentations Beyond Six Feet: Transmission and Prevention of COVID-19 in Indoor Settings
Understandthe complexity of multi-factorial COVID-19 transmissio, which requires apursuit of an optimal mix of intervention.
Geminn Louis Apostol
27 Oct 2020 Case Studies on Air Quality Management Air Quality Management in ADB Headquarters
This presentation gives an overview of how ADB manages air quality within its headquarters in Manila, Philippines.
Erwin Casaclang
27 Oct 2020 Case Studies on Air Quality Management Healthy Buildings and Indoor Air Quality in a Post Pandemic World
Learn ways on how to manage indoor air quality in a post pandemic world.
Jack Nooman


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