Launch of the Phase 2 Regional Consultation and Discussion on the Policy Architecture


Launch of the Phase 2 Regional Consultation and Discussion on the Policy Architecture

15 November 2021 to 17 November 2021

via Zoom.

ADB is reviewing different policy architecture models as a basis for the preparation of the new policy. Participants are encouraged to read the draft Policy Architecture report which will inform the consultations. This consultation draft summarizes the findings of the study which: (i) reviews ADB’s current safeguard architecture; and (ii) undertakes a broad comparison of policy architecture models of peer multilateral financial institutions (MFIs). Comments received from the consultations will be considered in the final report, and will inform the revision of ADB’s Safeguard Policy architecture.


  • Introduction (5 minutes) Azim Manji
    Session Moderator and Stakeholder Engagement Team Leader
  • Welcome Remarks (5 minutes)
    Bruno Carrasco, Director General, concurrently Chief Compliance Officer,
    Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department (SDCC)
  • Session 1: Overview of the Safeguard Policy Statement (2009) and Approach to Policy Update (15 minutes)
    Bruce Dunn, Director, Safeguards Division (SDSS), SDCC
  • Session 2: Policy Architecture Study: Comparative Analysis of the SPS with the policies of other MFI policies (30 minutes)
    Zehra Abbas, Principal Environment Specialist, SDSS, SDCC
    Madhumita Gupta, Principal Social Development Specialist, SDSS, SDCC
  • Screen Break (5 minutes)
  • Session 3: Moderated Discussion on Policy Architecture (75 minutes)


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