Integrated Rural Development for Prosperity

Series: ADB Sustainable Food Webinar Series

Integrated Rural Development for Prosperity

04 October 2021

Supporting sustainable rural development through integrated approaches will be an essential ingredient in the post-COVID-19 recovery and development process in Sri Lanka. This knowledge event aims to initiate a discussion among stakeholders on the approaches to rural development in the country, with discussions focusing on key development challenges faced in rural development and solutions from the experiences of Sri Lanka and other countries.

The Integrated Rural Development for Prosperity is the inaugural event of ADB’s Sri Lanka Resident Mission’s Serendipity Knowledge Program. The Program aims to discuss the country’s past experiences, key challenges, and international best practices toward rural development. The keynote address was delivered by PB Jayasundara, Secretary to the President of Sri Lanka. This learning event is part of the ADB Sustainable Food Webinar Series.

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
04 Oct 2021 Opening Welcome Address Chen Chen, Country Director, Sri Lanka Resident Mission, ADB
04 Oct 2021 Opening Opening Remarks: ADB Strategy 2030 2030―A Full Spectrum of Finance + Knowledge
This presentation gives an overview of ADB'sSupport on Knowledge Exchange and Learning― Global, Regional, Subregional, National.
Bambang Susantono
04 Oct 2021 The Vision for Rural Development under the Government’s National Policy Framework - Saubhagye Dhakma (Vistas of Prosperity and Splendor) P. B. Jayasundara, Secretary to the President of Sri Lanka
04 Oct 2021 Panel Discussion 1 What needs to happen to realize the visions?
04 Oct 2021 Panel Discussion 2 What are possible solutions? What has worked? What has not?
04 Oct 2021 Closing Remarks - Government of Sri Lanka S. R. Attygalle, Secretary of Treasury
04 Oct 2021 Closing Remarks - ADB Kenichi Yokoyama, Director General, South Asia Regional Department, ADB


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