Health System Response to COVID-19: Lessons from the Republic of Korea


Health System Response to COVID-19: Lessons from the Republic of Korea

20 April 2020

Seoul National University and Sangnoksu District Health Office representatives presented on the decisive actions taken by the Republic of Korea against COVID-19. Learn about strategies for infection prevention and control, health financing, resource allocation, risk communication, and the crucial role of PPPs and universal health coverage. This webinar was part of a series on COVID-19 responses.

Jointly organized by ADB's Digital Technology Unit, Health Sector Group, and Urban Sector Group, the webinar series aims to reflect on lessons learned and explore available interventions and solutions that ADB member developing countries can leverage to help improve their health outcomes. 

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
20 Apr 2020 Presentation Ten Decisive Scenes in the COVID-19 Response
Two months after the first COVID-19 confirmed case, the Republic of Korea has been commended for its efforts to contain the outbreak. Although...
Seung-sik Hwang
20 Apr 2020 Presentation Strategies to Respond to COVID-19 in the Republic of South Korea
The approach taken by the Republic of Korea to the COVID-19 outbreak has been characterized as “trace, test, and treat” policy. Intensive contact...
Sung-Il Cho
20 Apr 2020 Presentation South Korea’s COVID-19 Response from the District Health Authority Perspective
In the Republic of Korea, the district health authority's responsibility in the overall COVID-19 response are: risk communication, health education...
Kunhee Park
20 Apr 2020 Presentation Universal Health Coverage and Key Health Policy Lessons from COVID-19 Response
This presentation examines key policy lessons from the Republic of Korea's experience on the COVID-19 response...
Soonman Kwon


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