Guarantee Insurance Scheme for SMEs


Guarantee Insurance Scheme for SMEs

25 June 2021

Guarantee insurance schemes and products such as surety bonds have reduced credit risk embedded in businesses of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and have helped expand SMEs' participation in economic activities.

This webinar shared lessons from ROK's experience in guaranteeing insurance schemes and products for SMEs and the implications of these schemes for Asian developing economies

This webinar aimed to:  

  • Provide an understanding of guarantee insurance schemes and their benefits.  
  • Identify guarantee insurance schemes in light of the Republic of Korea’s economic development and how it was utilized as a tool to back up the credit of MSMEs. 
  • Provide success factors in guarantee insurance schemes.  
  • Provide insight for Asian developing countries seeking efficient and effective establishment and operation of guarantee insurance schemes for MSMEs. 


Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
25 Jun 2021 Opening Opening Remarks: The Roles of Guarantee Insurance Scheme in SME businesses the Case of the Republic of Korea
Bruno Carrasco
25 Jun 2021 Presentation Guarantee Insurance Scheme: How it has supported the underserved like MSMEs,
This presentation gives an overview of how guarantee insurance schemes can support SMEs.
Ji Yoeng Choi
25 Jun 2021 Panel Discussion Discussion Takuya Hoshino, Financial Sector Specialist, SAPF, ADB
Benita Ainabe, Financial Sector Specialist (Capital Markets), SEPF, ADB
Richard Wulff, Executive Director, International Credit and Surety Association
25 Jun 2021 Wrap-Up Questions and Answers and Closing Sabyasachi Mitra, Director, SARD, ADB


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