Forum on Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture in Asia


Forum on Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture in Asia

30 October 2019 to 31 October 2019
Republic of Korea

The capacity of Asia and the Pacific to feed its population, which is projected to reach 4.9 billion by 2030, or over 60% of the global total, is hindered by the fact that it accounts for just 35% of the world’s arable land. While the region continues to enhance food security, the challenges it presents still weigh heavily on developing countries. The decreasing rural population, unsustainable use of land and natural resources, and climate change compound food production and access pressures in developing Asia and the Pacific even as malnutrition and foodborne diseases rise in these same areas.

Addressing food security and sustainable agriculture is a cornerstone of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Asian Development Bank’s Strategy 2030 priorities. Keys include ensuring food availability through domestic production, international trade, and climate mitigation strategies; food accessibility by strengthening infrastructure, household income, and social protection; and food safety and nutrition via a sound food control system and nutrition literacy.

ADBI and the Korea Rural Economic Institute organized a three-day forum for government officials from Asia and the Pacific and experts from think tanks, academia, and international organizations to explore these and related food security and sustainable agriculture opportunities and challenges. The focus was on exchanging experiences and best practices for both tackling food security gaps and boosting adaptive agricultural approaches.

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