Farm-to-Market Produce Logistics: Cases and Emerging Trends in Korea and India


Farm-to-Market Produce Logistics: Cases and Emerging Trends in Korea and India

06 December 2021

Innovations in fresh produce agri-supply chains are happening across a wide spectrum of stakeholders and channels. Direct sourcing from farmers, connecting farmer producer organizations (FPO) to business and end consumers, digital supply chain management tools, engagement of e-commerce platforms in the supply chain, are all examples of the innovations. In the early days it is imperative to showcase these innovations and to identify the drivers for rapid scale-up. Equally, there are good practices being followed in more developed markets where these innovations are now firmly rooted in the business practices.

The webinar introduces how fresh produce agri-logistics have evolved in India and the Republic of Korea and how the new trend is emerging particularly under the COVID-19 and growing convergence with digital technology in logistics. Through the case studies, the webinar intends to discuss what the new trend means for developing countries and what opportunities are available. Speakers will explain how farmer cooperatives are formed in Korea and India, what roles agricultural cooperatives are playing in the evolvement of agri-logistics, and what opportunities are being offered to farmers as new trends of agri-logistics emerge.

This webinar is organized by ADB.

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
06 Dec 2021 Opening Welcome Remarks Hoe Yun Jeong, Deputy Country Director, India Resident Mission, ADB
06 Dec 2021 Introduction to Speakers Introduction Capacity Development Resource Centre (CDRC), INRM, ADB
06 Dec 2021 Opening Remarks Remarks Sangmok Choi, President of Agricultural Cooperative University, Korea
06 Dec 2021 Korean Agri-logistics Case Korean Farmer Cooperative Background Seong-jae Park, Senior Economist at GSnJ Institute.
Earned his PhD in Agricultural Economists from the Ohio State University
06 Dec 2021 Korean Agri-logistics Case Agricultural Cooperatives’ Logistics Centers Operation Ki Seok Seo, Director, Partner Collaboration Department, NH Logistics.
Earned his Logistics MBA from Inha University, Korea.
06 Dec 2021 Korean Agri-logistics Case Emerging Agri-logistics Models in the 4th Industrial Era Dong-Hwan Kim, Professor, Department of Global Business Administration, Anyang University.
President of Agro-food New Marketing Institute since 2003.
06 Dec 2021 Korean Agri-logistics Case Q&A
06 Dec 2021 Indian Agri-logistics Case India Agro Logistics Landscape Raman Ahuja, Co-founder of ThinkAg.
Independent resource person in food & agriculture, working at the intersection of technology, supply chains and agro-logistics
06 Dec 2021 Indian Agri-logistics Case Agro-logistics Innovations in Fresh Produce Handling - the Case of Large Farmer Collective Azhar Tambuwala, Director, Sahyadri Farms Fellow founder at Sahyadri Farms.
A leading Farmer Producer Company
06 Dec 2021 Indian Agri-logistics Case Fresh Produce Supply Chain & Logistics from the Perspective of an e-Retailer Vivek Nirmal, Chief Advisor, Kisankonnect.
Kisankonnect was formed, with a vision to connect farmer to the consumers directly
06 Dec 2021 Closing Remarks Mio Oka, Director, Environment, Natural Resources & Agriculture Division, South Asia Department, ADB


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