E-Mobility Support and Investment Platform for Asia and the Pacific Webinar Series


E-Mobility Support and Investment Platform for Asia and the Pacific Webinar Series

20 December 2023

 The aim of this webinar series is to provide an introduction to the e-mobility landscape in Asia and the Pacific. Further, the webinar series will dive deeper into topics relating to financing of e-mobility, private sector engagement, electric vehicle technologies, as well as showcase country experiences and lessons learnt from e-mobility deployment in the region. The webinar series is developed as part of the E-Mobility Support and Investment Platform for Asia and the Pacific, operated by the Asian Development Bank, and co-financed by the Global Environment Facility (GEF).

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
04 Dec 2023 20 September 2023 Introduction to E-Mobility
This webinar provides an overview of the fundamentals of electric vehicles, including batteries and charging through the lens of light electric mobility...
04 Dec 2023 27 September 2023 Lessons From an E-Mobility Readiness Project in Indonesia
In this webinar you will hear initial lessons learnt from the projectEnhancing Readiness for the Transition to Electric Vehicles in Indonesia(ENTREV), ...
04 Dec 2023 04 October 2023 E-mobility Policy Framework
This webinar will provide an overview of the fundamental building blocks of EV policy development, which comprises vehicle segments, energy sector, technology...
04 Dec 2023 18 October 2023 Barriers to EV Adoption and Finding Solutions
This webinar will explore the key barriers to electric vehicle adoption in the Asia and Pacific region. Strategies to overcome obstacles will be identified...
04 Dec 2023 8 November 2023 Gender and Inclusivity in Electric Vehicle Adoption
This webinar discusses the pivotal factors that can pave the way for an inclusive and balanced transition to electric vehicle adoption. The webinar will...
04 Dec 2023 29 November 2023 Green Financing for Electric Vehicles
This webinar will introduce climate financemarket as well as financing structures that are driving the adoption of electric vehicles with a particular...


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