Digital Strategies for Development Forum 2017


Digital Strategies for Development Forum 2017

07 September 2017 to 08 September 2017

Asia is ready to fully embrace the digital economy. Discover the latest developments in ICTs for education and smart cities.

The 2017 Digital Strategies for Development Forum, a collaborative event with ADB and UNESCO, provided a venue for high-impact discussions on ICT for Development and tackled country and sectoral/thematic development strategies towards building a digital economy in Asia and the Pacific. A side event on 5–6 September 2017 included the 14th APT Telecommunications / ICT Development Forum. 

Participants of the 2017 Digital Strategies for Development focused on "ICT in Education and Smart Cities" as one of the current hot ICT development issues, which includes:

  • Highlighting the next wave of technologies and their influence on private and public spaces and discuss yet unexplored area for development;
  • Examining trends and implications of ICT in the education sector for digital economy;
  • Examining how cities around the world evolve to “smart cities” that use the insurmountable data available to influence decisions and drive changes towards better urban development;
  • Discussing the importance of collaboration with relevant organizations.
Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
08 Sep 2017 Forum Summary Digital Strategies for Development Forum 2017
Discover how digital technologies can help developing countries to leapfrog over traditional development pathways. The Digital Strategies for Development...
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