Condominial Water and Wastewater Systems: Examining the Elements and Successful Examples of the Estero de Paco Pilot Project

21 June 2019

Condominial water and wastewater systems are widely used in Brazil and the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region, particularly through the support and financing of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). In Asia, there are select examples of condominial sewerage systems, one of which is supported by the ADB.

The condominial approach has two defining features. First, it uses innovative engineering techniques. By routing water and sewerage networks across pavements and yards instead of down the center of streets, the condominial approach leads to substantial savings from materials and civil works cost. Second, it integrates social aspects into engineering work, involving communities in the construction and maintenance of the condominial networks, further reducing costs. Moreover, the interaction with the community during the execution of the works provides opportunities to impart hygiene education and to influence water consumption habits in a variety of ways (Foster, V. (2001). Condominial Water and Sewerage Systems. WSP).

In this session, speakers will share experiences of IDB and ADB focusing on basic elements of condominial water and wastewater systems and successful examples from various projects, including the Estero de Paco Pilot Project in the Philippines. Previously a severely polluted waterway in the City of Manila, the Estero de Paco has now transformed into a clean tributary through the efforts of the local community and the ADB-supported wastewater treatment system that utilizes condominial sewers.

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
21 Jun 2019 Presentation Condominial Water and Wastewater Systems: Examining the Elements and Successful Examples of the Estero de Paco Pilot Project
This brown bag focused on what makes condominial water and wastewater systems unique and why such systems are commonly used in the Latin America...
Javier Coloma Brotons


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