Climate-Smart Agriculture Investment Planning


Climate-Smart Agriculture Investment Planning

25 November 2019 to 27 November 2019

Climate change imposes a dynamic challenge on the food system in Asia and has already started adversely impacting farming and food value chains in ADB’s DMCs. Climate change adaptation and mitigation investments, hence, are relevant to the food and nutrition security agenda of Asia and the Pacific, and ADB has set a steep target of $ 1 billion to increase climate finance (adaptation) in Agriculture and Natural Resources Sector by 2020.

Climate change impacts food production and distribution systems, and broad concepts of adaptation and mitigation measures have been well discussed and widely understood in general. What is lacking, though, is the practical knowledge on (i) how to apply climate-smart agriculture (CSA) approach to specific investment projects by integrating required climate change adaptation measures and investing in mitigation opportunities within the project scope, and (ii) various ways to finance such CSA investment approach.

Based on relevant global best practices, this course introduced various CSA application cases for different types of sector investment projects and tools to help plan CSA investments for ADB projects. The CSA cases were developed for watershed and irrigation improvement; livestock value chain development, soil improvement, and landscape management; aquaculture and coastal management improvement; and agribusiness value chain development. Participating project teams learned various best CSA practices that are integrated into sector investment projects and practice their applications to the design of their own pipeline projects.

Learning Objectives

After attending the training program, the participants were expected to:

  1.  define climate-smart agriculture, and identify priority adaptation and mitigation actions;
  2.  describe methodologies and tools to plan CSA investments; and
  3.  characterize good CSA practices relevant to ADB pipeline from relevant case studies, including climate-smart livestock/ fisheries/agricultural value chains, watershed and irrigation management, and others.
Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
25 Nov 2019 Presentation Climate-Smart Agriculture: Revisiting Principles and Linking CSA Investments Programs in Asia Beau Damen, FAO
25 Nov 2019 Module 1 CSA Investment Planning - Identifying Interventions and Planning Investments Godefroy Grosjean, CIAT
25 Nov 2019 Module 1: Group Exercise and Q &A Presenters
25 Nov 2019 Module 2 Case Study on CSA Investment Preparations and Engaging with National Policymakers in Bangladesh and Philippines Felicitas Roehrig, CIAT and Godefroy Grosjean, CIAT
25 Nov 2019 Module 2: Group Exercise and Q&A Felicitas Roehrig, CIAT and Godefroy Grosjean, CIAT
25 Nov 2019 Interactive Session CSA Indicators for Investment Projects Felicitas Roehrig, CIAT and Godefroy Grosjean, CIAT
25 Nov 2019 Module 3 Review of Climate Finance Landscape and CSA in Corporate Supply Chains Felicitas Roehrig, CIAT and Godefroy Grosjean, CIAT
25 Nov 2019 Module 4 CSA: Financial Risk Transfer and Mitigation Mechanisms Architesh Panda, LSE
25 Nov 2019 Module 4: Group Exercise and Q&A
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
26 Nov 2019 Module 5 CSA in Watershed Management & Irrigation, Case Studies from Nepal Deepak Rijal, USAID
26 Nov 2019 Module 6 Initiatives to Develop Climate-Smart Aquaculture in Viet Nam Cao Le Quyen, VIFEP
26 Nov 2019 Presentation Sustainable Coastal Resource Management Juan Jose Robalino, CIAT
26 Nov 2019 Module 7 Climate-Smart Livestock Production and Value Chain in the GMS Thomas Weaver, CCL
26 Nov 2019 Presentation Climate-Resilient Agro-Silvi-Pastoral Approaches for Improving Livestock Productivity in the Neighborhood of the Former Aral Sea Kristina Toderich & Aziz Karimov, Tottori University
26 Nov 2019 Presentation Climate-Smart Investments in Rangelands Fiona Flintan, ILRI
26 Nov 2019 Livestock Discussion Presenters
26 Nov 2019 Module 8 Agribusiness Value Chain Development Rima Al-Azar
26 Nov 2019 Agribusiness Discussion Rima Al-Azar
26 Nov 2019 Module 9 Climate Services: Transitioning into Climate Change Adaptation Pablo Imbach, CIAT
26 Nov 2019 Presentation Insights from the Bali Conference: A Climate-Smart Agriculture Conference Godefroy Grosjean, CIAT
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
27 Nov 2019 Pipeline Clinic How can CSA be included in the existing project pipeline? Yosuke Fukushima, ADB and ADB Participants
27 Nov 2019 Final Case Presentations and Open Discussion Tassilo Tiemann, Felicitas Roehrig, and Godefroy Grosjean (moderators from CIAT) ADB Project Officers
27 Nov 2019 Bilateral Meetings CIAT and ADB Organizers


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