Built on Sand: Why Livable Cities Need to Find a Sustainable Source


Built on Sand: Why Livable Cities Need to Find a Sustainable Source

27 June 2019

Aggregate extraction or industrial sand mining – that is, the removal of sand and gravel from its natural environment to be used for construction – is “the environmental catastrophe you’ve never heard of”, says the World Economic Forum.

Sand is the third most used resource in the world behind air and water, and the consumption is constantly growing. Therefore, its supply is becoming an increasing issue in the Asia Pacific region. In many cases, this valuable material is sourced at the expense of the environment, with islands simply erased from the map, lagoons destroyed, and riverbeds severely damaged. Many Asian countries are now banning the export of natural sand, creating some supply tensions for massive infrastructure projects.

But alternative sources do exist. Industry by-products may, in some cases, perfectly replace this natural resource. Not only does it offer a viable, environmentally friendly solution, but these by-products also promote a circular economy. Many countries already use these substitutes massively, and it presents an excellent opportunity for ADB-financed infrastructure projects to contribute to a more sustainable world. 

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