Asian Development Outlook (ADO) 2019 Update


Asian Development Outlook (ADO) 2019 Update

25 September 2019

ADB launched the Asian Development Outlook 2019 Update: Fostering Growth and Inclusion in Asia's Cities, an update to its flagship economic publication, the Asian Development Outlook 2019 (ADO). The ADO provides a comprehensive analysis of macroeconomic issues in developing Asia, including economic growth projections and prospects by country and region.

The ADO 2019 theme chapter Strengthening Disaster Resilience shows that disasters, including their causes and consequences, are shaped by the dynamics of the economy, society, and environment in which they occur. Increasing disaster risk is a growing threat to the development and prosperity of countries across Asia and the Pacific, and the consequences—particularly in terms of fatalities and economic impacts—tend to be more severe in developing countries and affect poor and marginalized people disproportionally. The report analyzes how disaster risks are reduced or amplified by market mechanisms (including insurance and supply chains), by government action (including infrastructure investment, early warning systems, and recovery assistance), and through the actions of individuals and communities.

Finally, the report presents a new framing for “building back better”, focusing on building back safe, fast, fair, and ensuring future economic potential.  

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25 Sep 2019 Presentation Asian Development Outlook 2019 Update
This presentation is based on the Asian Development Outlook Update 2019 on "Fostering Growth and Inclusion in Asia's Cities". The presentation...
Yasuyuki Sawada


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