ASEAN Australia Smart Cities Webinar Series Part 4: Intelligent Water Management Systems Using IOT and AI


ASEAN Australia Smart Cities Webinar Series Part 4: Intelligent Water Management Systems Using IOT and AI

03 November 2020


As cities continue to grow, so does the demand for clean water. This presents a huge challenge for water utilities in developing countries, who are already dealing with aging water network infrastructure and other maintenance issues. This emphasizes the need to implement a sustainable water management system to optimize the operational efficiency of water utilities while enhancing service delivery to customers. Upgrading water supply systems must be a cross-sectoral effort aligning urban growth with growth of the water supply capacity.

Data-driven intelligent applications can help create an integrated smart water management solution that monitors various assets, water quality and supply data in real-time. Cloud-based platforms communicate with smart sensors installed throughout the water transmission and distribution network, providing much needed analytics and insights that allow water utilities to make informed decisions regarding water quality, leakages, demand forecasting, and system maintenance. 

This webinar explored how artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, the internet of things (IOT), and big data are being used to enhance resilience and improve asset management of water utilities by way of real-time dynamic monitoring and control systems. Panelists shared the benefits provided by these smart water management solutions, along with best practices and specific use cases.

(Part 4 of the ASEAN Australia Smart Cities Trust Fund Webinar Series)

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
03 Nov 2020 Brief AASCTF Digital Solutions Brief: Intelligent Water Systems Using AI and IOT
This 2-page document sets out opportunities, benefits and prerequisites for pursuing intelligent water management systems using AI and IOT, with use cases...
03 Nov 2020 Presentation Data Driven Solutions
This presentation discussed how AI and Data Analytics with Smart Sensing helps improve critical main water failure prediction accuracy, water quality ...
Fang Chen
03 Nov 2020 Presentation Smarter Water - How Ramboll Applies AI in the Water Sector
This presentation discussed AI-powered smart water management solutions that help water suppliers predict water consumption, forecast concentration of...
Robin Schlenga
03 Nov 2020 Presentation Smart Water Management - The Singapore Experience
This presentation discussed the driving factors towards Singapore's shift towards intelligent water management and some of the smart solutions and technologies...
Tiing Liang Moh


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