ASEAN Australia Smart Cities Webinar Series Part 1: Tracking the Spread of COVID-19 through Digital Solutions


ASEAN Australia Smart Cities Webinar Series Part 1: Tracking the Spread of COVID-19 through Digital Solutions

18 August 2020


The COVID-19 crisis presents a pressing opportunity to rethink public health, infrastructure provision, and social protection systems. With an eye toward the future, we must find ways to make our cities more resilient without compromising the interdependence that holds our society — including the urban poor — together.

This webinar tackled how big data has and is being used for effective tracking of COVID-19, and what that means as we look ahead at creating more livable, resilient, and inclusive cities of the future. The panelists shared their experience and ideas on the technologies and practices that are paving the way for a COVID-19 recovery which not only creates greater health security but also strengthens community resilience, social inclusion, and gender equity. The webinar kicked off with short presentations from each speaker, followed by a panel discussion and Q&A session. 

(Part 1 of the ASEAN Australia Smart Cities Trust Fund Webinar Series)

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
18 Aug 2020 Brief AASCTF Digital Solutions Brief: Big Data for COVID-19 Tracking
This 2-page document discusses how digital solutions such as big data analytics have proven to be critical tools in analyzing spread patterns of COVID...
18 Aug 2020 Presentation Understanding the Impact of COVID-19: New Data Sources, New Insights
This presentation discussed how big data can be used to support analysis of highly interconnected and complex policy problems, and how a single data source...
Frederic Clarke
18 Aug 2020 Presentation Spatial Data Analysis of COVID-19 in Makassar
This presentation discussed how Ur-scape, a GIS-based visualization and data tool developed by the Future Cities Laboratory, was used to perform a cross...
Devisari Tunas
18 Aug 2020 Presentation Amazon Web Services COVID-19 Data Lake
This presentation discussed how public data lakes, such as AWS's COVID-19 Data Lake can be an essential source of knowledge to get insights from local...
Craig Lawton
18 Aug 2020 Presentation Airborne Transmission of COVID-19 and Beyond this Pandemic
This presentation discussed mitigation measures against indoor airborne transmission of COVID-19, such as appropriate building engineering controls, such...
Lidia Morawska


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