Advances in Closing the ICT Connectivity Gap in Asia and the Pacific: Better Analysis, Understanding, and Solutions


Advances in Closing the ICT Connectivity Gap in Asia and the Pacific: Better Analysis, Understanding, and Solutions

23 September 2020


Equitable ICT connectivity around the region remains a development bottleneck, particularly in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and its long-term effects, which has accelerated digitalization trends.  It has become crucial for policy makers, development partners, and investors to review their strategies, fiscal space, and investment priorities.  

Learn from the insights and perspectives of the speakers on how to better address the digital divide and provide digital connectivity as a foundational infrastructure for development.

This webinar was jointly organized by ADB and the International Telecommunication Union. 

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
23 Sep 2020 Welcome and Instructions COVID-19 Highlights and the Importance of Connectivity
This presentation gives an overview of the webinar and tackles the importance of connectivity amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
John Garrity
23 Sep 2020 Presentations Connectivity Reframed as a Foundational Infrastructure in a Post-COVID Environment
Connectivity should be recognized as a basic necessity. This presentation tackles what multi-lateral development banks like ADB can do to improve connectivity...
Thomas Abell
23 Sep 2020 Presentations Towards Equitable Connectivity
Improving connectivity in Asia and the Pacific is a challenge, and the real solution is affordable connectivity. This presentations shares some tools ...
Aamir Riaz
23 Sep 2020 Presentations Challenges for Connectivity
The coverage gap narrows, but the usage gap is still significant. Download this material to learn more about the state of mobile internet connectivity...
Rahul Shah
23 Sep 2020 Presentations Affordability and Access
Without meaningful connectivity, the true value of the internet will remain out of reach. This presentation shares information on how to achieve universal...
Sonia Jorge, Anju Mangal
23 Sep 2020 Presentations Supportive Policies and Spectrum Management
The world has entered the first global pandemic of the Internet age. As part of an effective response to COVID-19, ICT infrastructure and systems are ...
Scott W. Minehane


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