ADBI-WCTRS Webinar Series on High Speed Rail (HSR): Land Use-Transport Interactions of HSR


ADBI-WCTRS Webinar Series on High Speed Rail (HSR): Land Use-Transport Interactions of HSR

15 May 2020

This webinar featured Dr. Francesca Pagliara of the Polytechnic School of the Basic Sciences at the University of Naples Federico II in Italy. Dr. Pagliara discussed her work on the wider socioeconomic impacts of high-speed rail (HSR) on mobility choices, mega cities, temporary offices, land prices, and equity issues. Drawing upon her experience in residential and employment location choice modelling, she shared insights about land use and transport interactions for inter-regional accessibility enhancements achieved through HSR development.

This is part of a webinar series on HSR organized by ADB Institute and the World Conference on Transport Research Society. 

Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
15 May 2020 Main Session Land Use Transport Interactions of High Speed Rail (HSR)
Dr. Francesca Pagliara talks abouther work on wider socioeconomic impacts of HSRs on mobility choices, mega cities, temporary offices, land prices and...
Francesca Pagliara
15 May 2020 Discussions Network Improvements in European Mega Cities through High Speed Rail
This presentation talks about the positive effects of HSRson economic growth,sustainability, and equity in European Mega cities.
Michael Wegener
15 May 2020 Discussions HSR and Population Density
This presentation discusses theimprotance of Japanese HSRon new economic geography, population density,and size of cities. It highlightsthe need for experimental...
Masanobu Kii
15 May 2020 Discussions Impacts of HSR on Land Use
This presentation highlightsthe key challanges in modelling of the Land Use and Transport Interactions of High Speed Rails and emphasizesthe lack of spatial...
Rolf Moeckel


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