4th Asia Finance Forum: Reinventing Finance for Sustainability and Inclusion


4th Asia Finance Forum: Reinventing Finance for Sustainability and Inclusion

20 June 2022 to 22 June 2022


The 4th Asia Finance Forum, organized by the Asian Development Bank, aimed to bring together policymakers, financial sector supervisors, regulators, financial institutions, academia, and financial sector experts to discuss the latest trends in sustainable finance and innovations to support financial inclusion.


The conference focused on:

  • Innovative use of green, blue, and climate financing instruments and business models that can drive investments towards a Net Zero economy, as well as enable the environment to deploy these investments at scale.
  • New developments in sustainable finance and innovations driving financial inclusion including MSME and agricultural finance, and affordable housing;
  • The role of governments and multilateral development banks in supporting sustainable, climate-resilient infrastructure development that reduces the risks or vulnerabilities posed by climate change; and
  • Raising climate change awareness and digital financial and risk literacy.
Program and Learning Materials: 
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
20 Jun 2022 Opening Opening Video
20 Jun 2022 Keynote Opening Finance for Sustainability and Climate Action
20 Jun 2022 Session 1 Green and Blue Finance: New Tools to Fight Climate Change
20 Jun 2022 Session 2 Crowding in Private Finance for Blue and Green Innovation
Date Session / Activity Presentation Material Speaker(s)
22 Jun 2022 Roundtable One Prepping Climate-Resilient Infrastructure and Green Recovery after COVID-19
22 Jun 2022 Roundtable Two Innovating an Inclusive and Safe, Green Future through Policy


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