Event Calendar

March 2022
23 March 2022 to 25 March 2022 Virtual Workshop on Low-Carbon Cooling
22 March 2022 to 24 March 2022 Asia-Pacific Rural Development and Food Security Forum 2022: Battling Climate Change and Transforming Agri-food Systems
22 March 2022 World Water Day 2022: Digitalizing Water: The Visible and Invisible
21 March 2022 to 23 March 2022 Environmental and Social Impacts and Risk Assessment
17 March 2022 Youth in Action: Driving Solutions for Sustainable Tourism
17 March 2022 Assessing the Promise of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellites in Accelerating Rural Connectivity and Closing the Digital Divide
16 March 2022 to 17 March 2022 ADB's Southeast Asia Development Symposium (SEADS 2022): Sustainable Solutions for Southeast Asia’s Recovery
15 March 2022 Crossing the River by Touching the Stones: Alternative TVET Approaches in People’s Republic of China and Republic of Korea
11 March 2022 Joint Gender, Climate, Environment Session Highlights Women’s Leadership in Tackling Climate Change
10 March 2022 Joint Webinar on Setting Priorities: Smart Ways to Make Indonesian Cities Smarter
09 March 2022 to 10 March 2022 Investing in Women: Advancing the Transformative Gender Agenda in Central and West Asia in a Post-COVID-19 Environment
09 March 2022 Helping Sri Lanka Go Green: Lessons from Denmark’s Green Transition
09 March 2022 to 05 April 2022 Challenges, Lessons, and Innovations for Strengthening Integrated Flood Risk Management
08 March 2022 Making Big Data Work for Economic Assessment
08 March 2022 2022 International Women’s Day Celebration: Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow
July 2022
06 July 2022 to 07 July 2022 Workshop on Transition Finance in Asia