Event Calendar

September 2021
23 September 2021 to 18 November 2021 ADB Circular Economy Sprint Series - Closing the Circle: Reducing Plastic Pollution and Promoting Green Businesses
23 September 2021 ASEAN Economies: The Road to Recovery
22 September 2021 Asian Development Outlook 2021 Update Launch
17 September 2021 CIE-ADB Knowledge Sharing Seminar: Strengthening Clinical Care and Community Services to Fight COVID-19
17 September 2021 ADBI-JARTS-IIT Learning Series on High-Speed Railway: Global Experiences on High-Speed Railway Safety Management
15 September 2021 to 17 September 2021 Conference on Improving the Quality of Basic Education in Southeast Asia
15 September 2021 Smart HVAC Systems
13 September 2021 Virtual Workshop on Building Sustainable and Resilient Agriculture in Asia and the Pacific Amid New Challenges
12 September 2021 to 14 September 2021 COVID-19 and Transport Policy in Developing Asian Countries and “Frontiers in High-Speed Rail Development” Book Launch (14th International Conference of Eastern Asia Society for Transport Studies)
10 September 2021 ADB Publication Launch: Cloud Computing as a Key Enabler for Tech Start-ups across Asia and the Pacific
10 September 2021 ADBI Virtual Workshop on Analyzing Infrastructure Impacts in Asia Through Big Data: Infrastructure Development in the Context of COVID-19
09 September 2021 Leveraging Insurance for Resilient Infrastructure
08 September 2021 to 15 September 2021 Virtual Business Opportunities Seminars 2021 with United Kingdom
08 September 2021 Energy-Efficient Centralized Air-Conditioning Systems
07 September 2021 to 09 September 2021 Regional Conference on Health and Socioeconomic Well-Being of Older Persons in Developing Asia: Role of Individual and Household Data