Event Calendar

December 2021
08 December 2021 to 09 December 2021 Youth in a Time of Crisis: Livelihood Diaries from Nepal and Indonesia During COVID-19
08 December 2021 A New Pathway for the Creative Economy: Recovery, Growth and Jobs?
07 December 2021 Tokyo Fiscal Forum Seminar: Towards Post-COVID-19 Fiscal Policy and Digitalization in Asia
06 December 2021 to 08 December 2021 Land Acquisition, Land Use Restriction, and Involuntary Resettlement
06 December 2021 to 07 December 2021 Regional Flyway Initiative (RFI) Inception Workshop
06 December 2021 to 10 December 2021 Building Resilience into School Systems: Policy and Practice: An Online Workshop for Policymakers, Teacher Educators and School Leaders
06 December 2021 AgTech Marketplace: Promising Technologies to Help Improve Farmer Producer Organizations' Market Access
06 December 2021 Agri-logistics Innovation and Best Practices in India
06 December 2021 Farm-to-Market Produce Logistics: Cases and Emerging Trends in Korea and India
03 December 2021 Youth for Climate Action: How young people are influencing climate policy and resilience in the region
03 December 2021 Risk Assessment Frameworks for Resilient Infrastructure
02 December 2021 to 03 December 2021 Community and Occupational Health and Safety
02 December 2021 Promoting Better Nutrition Outcomes through Multisectoral Approach in Post-COVID-19 Asia and the Pacific
02 December 2021 Digitalization and Credit Scoring for Women SMEs: Part I – The Basics
02 December 2021 to 24 February 2022 Digitalization and Credit Scoring for Women SMES Webinar Series