Yasuki Ikegami

Deputy Director and Leader, OTEC Division, Institute of Ocean Energy
, Saga University (Japan)
Profile / Bio: 

Yasuyuki Ikegami currently serves as Deputy Director and Leader of OTEC Division for the Institute of Ocean Energy, Saga University. He specializes in energy engineering, design, and evaluation of sustainable and environmentally conscious systems, thermal engineering, naval and maritime engineering, Earth system, and resources engineering. He also had the chance to be the delegate of Japan on Executive Committee Members of International Energy Agency - Ocean Energy System (IEA-OES) from 2003 and served as coordinator of TASK on Status of OTEC and its Resource Assessment in IEA-OES form 2016.

Yasuyuki received a Master’s Degree in Science and Engineering from Saga University, and obtained his Doctorate Degree in Engineering from Kyushu University for a thesis entitled: "Studies on the Vapor Compression Heat Pump System Using New Refrigerant". For his work, Yasuyuki was awarded the Academic Award by Deep Sea Water Application Society in 2013.