Sunghoon Kris Moon

Urban Development Specialist
, Seoul Urban Solutions Agency
Profile / Bio: 

As part of ADB’s Urban Sector Group, Kris works to develop innovative urban development solutions that make cities more livable for all city dwellers. Prior to joining ADB, Kris led the Strategic Planning and Partnership team at the Seoul Urban Solutions Agency, working with international organizations including ADB, World Bank and EBRD. Kris handled numerous capacity building, knowledge production/sharing and advisory projects either directly with cities or via partnerships with international organizations. A national of the United States, Kris obtained her education in History at the University of Maryland, followed by a Master of International Affairs with a focus on Urban Policy at Columbia University.


Title Date Learning Materials Topic
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Utilizing Big Data to Solve Urban Issues: The Case of Seoul 29 June 2017 Slides Governance and Public Sector Management, ICT, Urban Development
Seoul’s Smart Urban Solutions 10 May 2017 Slides Urban Development